7 causes of hair loss in women


Women suffering from hair loss in the world still growing, however, about this issue to speak in relation to women much less than it is in men. Why is that? First of all, with women mostly there is an overall balding and secondly, most experts believe that the condition is “only” temporary. There are seven of the most common causes of why this phenomenon occurs.

Low blood iron

Lack of iron and anemia can cause hair loss. To determine whether indeed this is the problem, it is necessary to do blood tests and then you can reach for a daily (supplement of the diet with iron content). Consultation with a doctor is necessary, however, because even too much iron in the body is harmful.
Thyroid problems: Can go on a reduced or increased thyroid function – both problems cause hair loss. Enhanced features in addition to the fine and fragile hair. If the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment with medications is required.
Low estrogen levels: Many women recorded problems with falling of hair during menopause and after it, when the level of this hormone decreases significantly. There are many diet supplements that the period of menopause help to better handle, but in this case it is appropriate a visit to the doctor. It will also help to change the lifestyle and diet.
Hormonal changes in pregnancy: Similarly, it can be even fresh moms that lose a certain number of hairs in the first six months after birth. It’s happening so much because of the estrogen in the body again gets to normal. In principle,what looks like hair loss, it is the process by which the body gets into the “original state”. Sometimes, however, may experience excessive hair loss and due to breast feeding it is better to consult with your doctor. At the same time hearty and healthy diet will accelerate the process of regeneration.


This phenomenon explains a lot of sudden hair loss. Hair loss occurs about two to three months after overcoming severe stress, and even as a result of surgery, illness, etc. Also we can count and the “stress” of the organism after birth.
The use of drugs: a Side effect of many drugs can be hair loss. If this is done, discuss their use with your doctor, if necessary. ask for an alternative.
An overdose of vitamin a or selenium: a Deficiency of vitamin a or selenium can cause hair loss, as well as their excess due to overdose. Therefore, be careful when using preparations. Vitamin And even selenium are in large quantities toxic.
Fun fact: smoking and hair loss
Several studies have demonstrated a link between smoking and falling hair loss in men, where smoking increases the likelihood of baldness. No similar studies demonstrating this relationship in women, however, does not yet exist. Regardless of this fact it is important to realize that smoking is harmful for many reasons, regardless of whether the hair loss is among them.

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