Charcoal Latte coffee weight reduction method

Charcoal Latte coffee weight reduction method

The carbohydrate Charcoal Latte restriction emphasising reviews obesity treatment of a wide variety of medical and popular recommendations emphasis. One of the best known of these, an american cardiologist, the Atkins work, who in 1960 began to deal with this and her first book in 1974.

Charcoal Latte what is the composition and how does it work

Principles of the treatment of obesity the carbohydrate withdrawal fundamental, which is whether calorie restriction without the fats and proteins in discretionary consumption can be implemented.Those opinions started to the body in the form of glycogen, only certain amount of carbs can be stored and as they wear out, Charcoal Latte so metabolic processes that start up, which the fat storage in the fat burning.

Charcoal Latte what is the composition and how does it work

The rapidly absorbed carbohydrates fast blood glucose level increase and insulin secretion, which starts the fat storage process. The Atkins diet introduction aktivenzhivot phase of daily 20 grams (2 ounces) of carbohydrates are allowed, especially salads, vegetables, in the form of protein and fats, without limitation, the introduction of the first two weeks under 3-5 kg in body weight reduction.

The second – the so-called ongoing weight loss – phase of moderate expansion, the carbohydrate consumption Charcoal Latte weekly 5 gram, not quickly absorbed carbs, then this  In the third phase, week 10 grams may also be increased. The increase in the meantime are advised to increase until it stops the weight loss and reach the so-called optimal carbohydrate level, which is usually 50 or 60 grams, but sometimes you just 90-100 grams of around.  An important element in the diet in the achieve body weight maintenance, during which the long-term carbohydrate intake percentage of the total energy to 25% of stay.

The advantage of this method is the Charcoal Latte relatively fast occurring -partially water loss with – weight loss, and is not to be fat – or protein-restriction to hold, so in principle the relative satiety feeling can be maintained. The loss of appetite also helps to 60 g daily carbohydrate intake during the organization of certain “megsavanyodása”, ketosis is created, acetone appears in the breath, which compounds the dieting during a simple test strip with the urine can also be detected. The acetone will ruin the taste and reduce your appetite.

This, however, also disadvantages may occur, the unpleasant breath. The fat intake Charcoal Latte an unlimited increase significantly elevate your cholesterol, which is the heart – and vascular diseases in first-order risk factor. The protein intake excessive increase in renal insufficiency is contraindicated. This may increase the calcium in the bowel that predispose it may csontritkulásra.

The Atkins diet around that’s why a lot of debate, not only in the media but the medical forums. It is interesting that two working group recently undertook to prove that the low-fat diet is more effective the Atkins diet. The results of one of the world-renowned medical journals (New England Journal of Medicine) stated in 2003. Surprisingly, two studies, 3 to 6 months on the Atkins diet had clearly better results.

Half a year, the Atkins-diet of average 6 to 10 kg body weight reduction in which is an average of 4 kg-al was more effective than the low-fat diet. At the same time the Atkins diet with a more favourable development were the blood glucose and blood lipid results. The difference of 1 year was maintained, but was no longer statistically significant value.
South Beach diet

Charcoal Latte can help you lose weight

In the United States spread to another, Agatston’s name cardiologist compiled by “South Beach diet” (pronounced: szau you beach) title in 2003, released a book in the methods described, atkins to similar to similar phases and structure.

Two things different: on the one hand, prohibit the unhealthy saturated Charcoal Latte fat consumption, but preferred of the unsaturated fats while, on the other hand, the South Beach diet is not necessary to grarnmokat to count your carbohydrate intake, only slowly absorbed, so-called low glycemic index carbohydrates should be preferred.Medically unfounded and substantiated diet

Charcoal Latte can help you lose weight

The treatment of obesity in the world in two areas, two levels of competition in your diet. The largest public tax telecommunication channels, various publications, books, in which diet thousands of people are competing, most of the time alone saved diet are proclaiming themselves. The melody of printed advertising operators, I’m told I’m every other diet they tried, without result, until finally they found the one – your ad was real.

Dangerous pills The pills and only Charcoal Latte the thyroid gland-failure of doctors employed by thyroid hormone – thyroxine – is, which in itself is the energy delivered to the fat loss -it enhances it. The thyroid hormone but normal metabolism not be given, because there are serious side effects, primarily cardiac and vascular complaints can cause.

The St. Imre Hospital Lipid section of the weight loss program participant patients, most of those sold (a patient 101 kg a year, many of 40 to 60 kg), who develop a laboratory hidden thyroid failure, we were able to show, and thyroid hormone administration with the “fat burning their” enhanced, of course, a close medical control.

Shared diet Advertising as we meet in the divided diet, which I don’t think it could be protein, fat, or carbohydrates at the same time consume it, because I gained weight. Any scientific investigation has not proved this. The achieved body weight reduction of the calorie intake reduction can be explained. A professional 1200 kcal and diet, at least in the same way you can lose weight, like about 1200 kcal-through containing so-called body control. Of course, both of them much more than when per day 3000 kcal above the food consumed earlier.